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15 October 2006



"On the eve of my birth day I light a fire plus candles and let go of the old list into the flames also letting free the spirits of those who have left my life through death or other reason who I may have been clinging on to for some sake of my own rather than theirs. In a heart there is always room to carry love and that is what I concentrate on the night before my birth day, let the spirits run free let the love continue to cherish and be warmed by the gift that was their presence in my life even if the experience may not always have been comfortable, easy or wanted:0)"

Dear Friend - That is so lovely, so wise, so healing - a lesson that may bring peace to anyone who follows the spirit of such a lovely fire.


Oh, D-W, what a heart you have and words to heal it and the world. Since my birthday arrives just before yours (9 days hence) and I have one year's lead on you (52 coming up) may I borrow some parts of your birthday ritual? I plan on walking up a mountain on my day so maybe I'll start a small fire and put the list into it so that the wishes will rise up into the world. I'll probably keep a copy, though .
Oh, happy, happy upcoming birthday. Hope to be there next year... much love, caroline


I like your punkish (or puckish?) hairstyle. Did you take the pic on self-timer? Very sharp.
If I've missed your birthday, here are warm belated wishes. If it's yet to come, you can double or triple those. In any case, may your newest year be the best.

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