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02 October 2006



Hugs. Anniversaries are difficult ...

I'm not sure I've ever seen R looking that chilled out before !



I have the feeling Mr Bryn is somewhere having a good laugh about this. I send you hugs, as always, but maybe an extra one to pass along to him. Lovely, lovely photo that perfectly captures late season fading sun and falling leaves. I miss Autumn more than anything down here in paradise...


My heart is with the you on this anniversary. I teared up a few days ago as someone asked about my dogs, gone now almost two years. Your sharing of the challenge and joy of raising Rhys and Banon has been part of my healing. I send a warm hug and kisses to you all and a special smile to the memory of Mr. Bryn, whose picture of him looking patiently down as he waited for you to right yourself - remains in my memory as a powerful image of love and commitment.
Love and XX, Cathy


I remember Mr. Bryn and I am sorry that he is not with you. Very sad...

I am glad that Rhys and Banon are rejoicing you!

Beautiful photos!


I hadn't realized that Mr. Bryn had passed away. Show's how little I've been following the blogs. I remember when I first started reading your blog how I was confused by your talk of Mr. Bryn...I actually thought he was some human male companion you loved to go for walks with, but couldn't understand why you would stand there watching him as he ran down the hill or dove into the bushes. He seemed quite nutty to me, until I realized that he was a dog!

I've never owned a dog, but I have taken care of quite a number of them. Most notably for one year I shared my apartment with a samoyed found on the street named "Sam" (for Samantha). The bond we shared was closer than any I've had with another animal, and though the owners finally turned up and took her back, I still, 21 years later, miss her. One day I want to live with a dog again.

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