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21 September 2006



I missed you - and this post reminds me how you have graced my life.


welcome back from your break! What a lovely harvest, literally and figuratively. I like the harvest colours of the blog, too. There must be something in the equinox for I have received 3 messages since last night of people I have not heard from in a very long time. In fact, one sent equinox greetings! It's a wonderful time for looking back and reaching out to those you'd not intended to leave to the past, and looking forward to the seasons ahead. Much love, caroline.


Welcome back -- and it's hard to believe that those two lively creatures have been keeping you company for a year now! And wha a lovely harvest, indeed!


This most beautiful post was worth the wait. There is so much here to savor. For me, though, the following was transcendent, a talisman for turning towards approaching winter with sturdy resolve:

" . .my wish is that in these coming days of waning light I may embrace the possibility and promise for my own self when the warmth of light and its energy seems to be weak because the dark seems intrusive and all enveloping whereas the darkness itself holds possibility and promise if I continue to walk forward with a smile on lips and in heart lit by the certainty that the sun continues to rise even if I am in a place where my eyes cannot see and my mind cannot comprehend."

Yes, as Caroline stated, what a lovely harvest. I'm so grateful you are sharing the bounty of your mind and heart.


Reya Mellicker

Wow this is so beautiful, evocative! Thank you, thank you. I love the pics - your dogs on the couch, napping, the vegetables, all gorgeous! Glad to know you're out there, contemplating a naked run down the street, contemplating balance and grace. I look forward to more posts, whenever they rise to the surface and make their way to this page. Happy fall!


Welcome back, my friend.

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