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22 August 2006



Dear Friend,
Over the next days and weeks I will think of you smiling as you are in the picture with the pups. I will read this post again and again as I have found in it a wise and gentle signpost pointing toward a path that I now need to take as I approach the closure of my 60th year. Lovely, lovely. Thanks for this and all the beauty you've sifted into another's heart through your posts.


What Cathy said, and...
D-W, you continue to amaze me. Your words in this post just fell straight into my heart. I am humble before all that you do in a life you and others would rightly see as bounded by many challenges. By all means, 'go fishing'... it's a fine and honourable pursuit. Full of contemplation and enjoyment of the day. And as the wise fisherperson once said, you don't have to come home with anything in particular. For if that were guaranteed, it would be called "catching" not "fishing", heh.

I will miss your posts for these 4 weeks but will be consoled by the thought that all that 'fishing' will result in more lovely words to come. Don't be a stranger during this time, eh?

and what a beautiful picture of you and the beasties.
much love,


Thank you for the Thomas Merton quotation... and everything. :)


Sending love.


I have missed reading you, and am so grateful that now I am back in a place to be able to read and absorb, that you are still here.

I look forward to your return.

(And what a radiant photo.)


What a beautiful post. I hope you all three are enjoying this month, very much looking forward to your return.

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