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07 March 2006



Oh what a great note ... and what presence of mind you have. The odd time that my chronic condition had me at the mercy of public toilets, all I could muster was a bit of begging and lots of shame ... and left me with a fear of going places that still keeps me housebound lots of times when there are any signs of a flare-up.

But good for you!!!! I bet that smile paled Mona Lisa's!


I am so glad the earth restored what that jackass tried to take away.
I'm so sorry you had to tolerate it for even a moment. Goodonya, mate, for how you handled it.
I send you hugs,


I've been fuming about that bloody woman since yesterday. I've seen similar occurrences before with my (wheelchair bound) mother-in-law, along with the "Does she take sugar?" syndrome as if she'd lost the use of her brain along with her legs so I'm keen to hear what happens next. You could of course publish the name of the store and manager so that we can avoid it in future?


Thanks all for your thoughts. It seems I rattled quite a few cage bars on Tuesday:0)

To be honest I was really very surprised by the little farce I became player in as the supermarket in question has always been user friendly to this user, in fact members of staff have gone out of their way in the past to help me out without it becoming a great melodrama.

On Wednesday afternoon I answered the phone to a most pleasant manager who had taken very keen interest in my note. It appears the person in question was not only reported by me but another shopper had taken in the encounter and had put a complaint in the customer comment book plus the member of staff who found my note had actually said something to my abuser before it was found as she had been on the checkout near the customer service desk when the interchange took place.

This morning I received a written appology from the store and confirmation of instigation of training and monitoring processes we had talked about. The person in question is only another falible human being like myself, she may have had a shit time at home before she came to work, might have had to deal with lots of stressful complaints etc and not had the backup or proper training or just is a prejudiced bigot but then I do believe bigots are not born but made and prejudice is as much about fear as hate. Her behaviour and response was unacceptable yes but as to a hanging offense, no.

The supermarket in question will still get my custom so too its chain as their usual mode of operation is far above this incident and their fresh produce is actually fresh:0) I'm old enough to remember the excitement felt when this supermarket decided to come to Wales and chose my home town for its first store. If it was good enough for Delia then I thought it would be good enough for me!

I have consciously stopped entering another supermarket as their business practices make me feel very uncomfortable even though I'm told 1 in 8 pounds spent in supermarkets goes to them so the consumer must know best. As someone on a low budget it seems I should be running towards this supermarket with arms outstretched in thanks but frankly a list, planning and chopped tinned tomatoes from Lidle means that my household budget stays within its limits.

What supermarkets do I shop in? Lidle, The Co-op, Sainsbury and Somerfield, probably in that order. I do try to shop consciously and try for fair trade goods and local produce when I can but I am realist and know that fresh fruit on an island will often be imported especially when your country is rather more damp than dry. Its up to me to not waste and realise that a satsuma at Christmas is a real gift etc.


I'm glad I didn't read your post until this situation was resolved. Your understanding of this woman is remarkable given her lack of common decency. I do like your pluck. The note was a nice touch :0D

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