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08 July 2004



Your mad cat incident reminds me of why Tomas' theme song is "Rocket Boy" from the soundtrack of "Stealing Beauty". Imagine how exciting (and dangerous) it is when there's TWO of them involved! We hear banging and crashing going on upstairs and then there's a blur of fur rushing past our eyes and tumbling under the dining room table... Very entertaining! Why do we need a TV?? :)


OH! There is nothing quite as exhilirating as a Windy Walk with a doggie by your side....such POWER!
The book DOES talk about the need to recreate the momentum after every brushstroke, every word, every attempt, moment by moment. It is a book full of truth, but I bristle at the notion that if you are helping someone else make art you are avoiding your own. sigh. Probably because it is TRUE and I don't want to hear it. :)
Wish you could walk down the lane and we could sew together....xoxoxoxo


that does sound very scary-exciting!

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