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August 2010


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I love that the child is with you.

Those upstairs walls must be whispering in anticipation of their new look. I don't imagine it will include 'color' ;-D

Elizabeth Westmark (Beth)

You sent me running to Search engines to learn about Biblio paper. Hardly any references, but one at "The Fountain Pen Network." It sounds lovely. Will look forward to reading (perhaps seeing photos) of your experiences in your new upstairs.


Cathy, Only magnolia of course:0) Not sure if the walls are whispering or just holding their breath in shock as they have seen the paint pots. Be a while in the covering though so maybe they will breath easy by the time I have it finished.


Beth, Will be a while until I am ensconced as scriboodler in the attic, first to talk soothingly to the walls as I change their coats:0) But am looking forward to having that space to play with paper in and will I suspect find days on this blog recounting some of the adventure so pics too:0)

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