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August 2010


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My writing is condensing, distilling, powerful . .?

I'll give you dynamic:

Reread your first four lines!

(You even manage alliteration in the process.:0)


Ah Cathy, those condensing distilling words were Beths. As I said I think there is some condensing and distilling going on in my life which gives me sense that something powerful is emerging - see my second comment on Day 21 but really dont think my writing is changing other than on this blog Ive set myself a specific goal which has boundaries. Contrary to some peoples thoughts I can actually keep to a brief though of course I always understand that the brief can be interpreted:0)
Thank you for your gift of dynamic:0) my spelling and grammar are still adventurous, ha-ha.



Well . . . it could apply to mine!

Beth! Please! It could - couldn't it!?


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