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August 2010


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Synchronicity. When it happens makes me want to know more about the doors that are there that we can not see (even if discerned through plumbing necessity). But pressing doesn't reveal them and it's enough to merely pause and smile when they open.

I do not doubt that you will make decisions as they need made. I imagine the face guard is to protect the floor from your intrusion. You will make it your own with colored yarn and ribbon.

Must we consider the equinox so soon!? I haven't completed a book all summer. Perhaps the equinox will help ;0-)


Ah, the face guard is to stop my face getting lacerated from shrubbery
fighting back as I strim the jungle and the chippings from the path can
travel at a stinging speed:0( Of course it would help if the insistent
rain could stop for a moment as Ill have to rig up windscreen wipers
otherwise:0) As to rubber moulded guard yes the ground does deserve
that protection trouble is theres a whole lot of other bone and flesh
attached to the head and I really cant see me wearing full body
armour just have to continue to embrace the Earth forcefully,cough.
Heading towards a day of balance, equal light and dark, a gentle
turning point, seems a good way to quicken the heart and mind in the
summer days still to come and open for enjoyment. Knowing the Earths
cycles continue whatever I get up to or whether I am present or not
always fills me with sense of gladness for the connections that are
part of me too.

Elizabeth Westmark (Beth)

I zoomed in on your lines about synchronicity, too. Sweet. The universe has a sense of humor, it seems.

Interesting reading this post, I feel like something very excellent is going on with your writing, a condensing, distilling, powerful something. Dynamic.


Oh, you make me smile :0)


Yes, I really do think the Universe does have a sense of humour and we are often its expression.
As to something going on that's exciting as far as my writing is concerned Beth, I think it is that life here is condensing and distilling into something powerful - hope it's Moon Shine and not Moonshine being non alcohol drinker:0) The powerful is yet to really emerge in any way I understand and I feel there are many more months of exploration and discovery ahead before that even begins to be glimpsed more clearly but do know that times are a changing in this small life which is pretty dynamic but as to my writing well the ramble is still my natural speed and trajectory but for this blog I set myself some boundaries - which of course I can push a little:0)

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