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    Each Friday of 2007 I intend to snap what is before my eyes at four oclock. I am not actually saying A.M or P.M. as I want to keep it open for myself, though I think it'll be more often 4pm but if it is both that will be fine.

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April 23, 2007



will miss you x


I'll miss you too - often you have enlightened me, amused me and tunneled into my psyche. Not bad for a "blogging experiment". Because of this, I nominated you for the "Thinking Blog Award".


" . . . . pile of stuff . . ." I can not imagine a poorer description of what has gone before in these pages. I know you were winking when you wrote it, but it's so painful to even imagine that you could have ever thought so. Glitter, grace, love, laughter, longing, sharing - Love - that is what I found here. That is what I'll miss.

Warm hugs and Love . . .


I'll miss you too, Winning DaisyFred. I understand how you feel but I'm so glad I got to meet you, if only in cyberspace, for a little while. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and most of all for your kindness and encouragement. I hope that whatever the future has in store for you, it is warm and sunny and joyful.

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