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  • Spring_calling 6th April
    Each Friday of 2007 I intend to snap what is before my eyes at four oclock. I am not actually saying A.M or P.M. as I want to keep it open for myself, though I think it'll be more often 4pm but if it is both that will be fine.

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April 08, 2007



Why is that everyone else's world always seem so more exotic then our own? You live in beautiful Wales, I live in beautiful Florida but I long to be in Wales. Yet we all have the same lives really. And you do take some beautiful photos of your exotic Wales.


ps - I like the new design here.


Thank you for this - how wonderful to be able to hear the morning birdsong in your part of the country, where I live there is little birdsong so this has given me such pleasure.
The wonders of technology!


What wonderful sounds of spring...we are still just coming out of the Canadian winter here and the birds are just starting to feel free and sing! Thanks for sharing your spring with us.



Oh, you always lighten my day. It was great seeing you in a new venue - FF Crochet list!!

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