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  • Spring_calling 6th April
    Each Friday of 2007 I intend to snap what is before my eyes at four oclock. I am not actually saying A.M or P.M. as I want to keep it open for myself, though I think it'll be more often 4pm but if it is both that will be fine.

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March 21, 2007



An amazing photo DW, I stared at it for a while, like some martian landscape, or underwater kingdom.

Yes. Thanks for the provocation ...



Oh, DW - This inspired one of my better comments and it didn't make it onto your comment page. (Arggghhh) I had written something (ahem:0) brilliant - as your post was so 'provocative' in this time of so many forms of emergence. The moss photos are so beautiful. Where did you find this? What is the undulating surface under the moss?


Oh I had to travel a huge distance to find these photo's :0) If you scroll down the page to the entry about the change in view from my back door you'll see exactly where or at least the area I took these images from.
The undulating surface under the moss is a corrugated roof, below which is a wood support and below that is the orange wall you see from my back door:)

Provocative is my middle name, thought you might know that by now:0) Good to 'see' you.


Right there on your doorstep - er . . . rooftop - As far as we need travel for mystery - for beauty.


That is amazing...

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