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  • Spring_calling 6th April
    Each Friday of 2007 I intend to snap what is before my eyes at four oclock. I am not actually saying A.M or P.M. as I want to keep it open for myself, though I think it'll be more often 4pm but if it is both that will be fine.

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February 28, 2007



Dear DW - Your metaphor was the one of the dearest I've read in a long time:
"this caterpillar rather enjoys lying on her back with legs in the air and eyes firmly fixed on the stars, even as the large rain drops and high winds try hard to sweep her off her perch . ." Ah, how that makes me want to hold a large leaf over her to deflect some of the assault -BUT - then she couldn't see the stars.

Just this morning I was wishing the toilet were closer to the bathtub - a wastebasket did rather well. A regular routine like that would be challenging. So, dear friend - I wish you comfort and peace and I'm warmed by the fact of the contact you had with a caring human who I know saw the beauty and depth of your soul even as they ministered to the bruised shelter of your spirit.

May your day be a Daffodil Day - filled with yellow, bobbing fragrance.

(HA! I was reading and thinking "What's the book! What's the book!?" And then your: "Duh . ." :0)


Hi D-W. I think it must be hard to find the shiny side of things when it's hard not to throw up etc. You have great generosity of spirit and certain kind of spiritual tenacity. Though I expect even that needs work. Perhaps ignorance is one of our best assets in life. Yes, how easy it is to forget to appreciate the basics of clean running water and the fab sanitation in the UK compared to other times and places. But you have a lot of stuff going on right now. How do R and B fare when you're feeling so crap? Bet their energy carries on regardless!!! I liked the caterpillar analogy too.

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