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Thoughtful laughing explorer of life.


A little about Me

I live a life informed by silence, solitude and much, much laughter. My days may be bounded and bordered by contemplation / meditation and affirmations that I call petitions, though no ‘God’ nor any other ‘Divine’ is invoked, but the boundaries and borders give sense of freedom not capture. That I may get tied up in fibre, wrapped up in fabric, sploged with paint, streaked with clay , buried in soil, covered in flour is just part of a whole that is walking slowly towards wholeness.

I understand myself embarked upon a spiritual pilgrimage, bounded only by my intellect, hearts energy and falling sand in a timer! Of course the words spiritual and pilgrimage can be overlaid with preconceptions, prejudices and personal fears but for me spiritual pilgrimage means embracing the wonder and magic which is a star lit night sky, a sunrise on a misty but amazingly clear morning, the rolling of thunder, the crashing of waves, the blowing of a south westerly gale and all that is life and living in the place I call my home, Earth.

My journey is one exploring what it is to be a human being aware of the unfathomable, in touch with Earth and honouring life in all its diversity.

Work takes many forms from daily tending home and garden to writing and arts / crafts.

Recognising the riches I am party to by dint of living in a developed country, I endeavour to live simply and frugally; knowing clean water, roof over head and food in belly are for too many, beyond imagining. However I am no aesthete wandering around in sackcloth I am a woman of the 21st century and know my simplicity would be another’s rich living so make no claims to poverty in any real sense just an ongoing endeavour to use and share what resources and 'riches' I find myself with as wisely and generously as I am able.

I am a native of Wales and feel fortunate to find myself living in the country of waterfalls and mountains once again after many years in places far away from my Celtic homeland.

I have had a varied working life ranging geographically from UK to Asia and organizationally from large government body to minute NGO; working with people socially excluded by dint of age gender, sexuality, etc.

Today I live a life that is just as dynamic but on all other levels very different. My focus now is offering my energy, skills and time by means of a life built around tending my garden and home, creative projects, contemplation and play.

I walk with an open heart and an enquiring mind, accepting and believing there is an unfathomable but not concerned to discover its meaning except moment to moment in living my life. I understand that I need to make my way to my journeys end, death, by consciously drawing my thoughts and actions towards a Whole I am already part of.

Creative life trying to live creatively by creating is what I call work, much of which is given away, as profit is not the impetus for my creations but sharing insight, glimpses of understanding and love is. So, be it my time, what little money I may have, my garden and home, things I create be that meal or mural they are all only mine in sense that they are held in my hands but their reality for me is that they are means to join with others by sharing, giving away and celebrating all I have is the moment.

I share my home with one lively companion dog and a myriad of wild creatures in my garden.

I am a Miss not a Ms or Mrs and like that fact a lot but that does not mean another human being has not and might not be again companion-lover-friend. Auditions may take place on any day in any place at any time and I am open to that possibility but not obsessed or bereft because my ‘leading lady’ has not stood centre stage with super trouper lighting up her every move and my heart:0)

I am a solo-tarrying human being with no allusions about the total joy of ‘being alone’ in the sense that phrase is often used to mean for there are always times when a hand held, a smile given and recognition found in another’s eyes would offer gift beyond words. However, single, solitary, alone does not mean disconnected, adrift or lonely beyond what is normal for anyone what ever their ‘marital’ status.

What is my life about? What is my answer when asked ‘What do you do?’

Usually a wry smile but if words are required, then four answer every question if they are powered by love. Accept Embrace Transform Create.

May you experience peace and moments of real happiness on your journey.


radio, zines, cooking, philosophy, walking, cycling, poetry, architecture, trees, water, ecology, mixed media art, contemplation, exploring fibre and frabric as art as well as craft, gardening as meditation and food provider, silence and solitude, living lightly, finding needs met creatively and wants banished gently, blogs and podcasts, community connections worldwide, living a positive productive life with peace and laughter., printing using lino letterpress etc, world music and cinema